Believe In Yourself!

Drawing has alot to do with believing in oneself. I hear many people before they even try to invest time into drawing say that they cannot draw. I believe that the only way you are going to improve your drawing skills is by spending alot of time drawing. Improving is not easy and takes alot of practice, but with lots of commitment I believe anyone can be a successful artist. If I didn't believe in myself I would not be drawing today. It may take years for someone to notice your work, but you will improve if you never give up. Sometimes even I become discouraged but I never give up drawing. I sometimes hear of people who are really good at drawing but give up later on in life because they feel as if they will never be as good as other artists and I feel this way at times too but I know that I have improved enough to continue, its a waist of time, or that drawing is a gift. I do believe that some people draw better than others simply because of their dedication to drawing. Believing in yourself will give you confidence and make it possible for you to improve and mature as an artist. Just don't give up because your not at the level of someone else.

It's nothing wrong with comparing your work with other artists who may be better skilled. This just helps you to become a stronger artist as well. Without confidence in oneself its very difficult to strive as an artist so always believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.


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